Texas Taildragger, texastaildragger, Cessna 150
1971 Cessna 150 N6975G
Lycoming O320, 160 HP
Gasser Banner Tow and Banner Equipment
1200 lb. empty
1200 fpm climb
Cruise- 120mph
Stall Clean- 50mph
Stall Flaps- 40mph
ACT tailwheel conversion
Strong flat gear, not tube style.
Bush engine conversion
Narco AT-50 Transponder
Narco MK12D Upgraded to 12D+ W/GS
Michels MX 300
Aero Sciences A550 audio panel

Gary Natale- 724-329-4433
Based at KVVS
Annualed- 12-4-2012
Times at annual were:
Aircraft TT- 4310.2
Engine TT- 2182.2
Engine SMOH- 1552.2
Engine STOH- 579.2
1-77, 2-72, 3-74, 4-76

The hours will change as the
aircraft is flown.
CESSNA 150/160HP
texas taildragger, Gary Natale, N6975G