An estimate depends on what parts you decide to put into the pistol and how you want to
customize it. The price is varied by brand and style of parts. Here is a list of parts and services
needed to put together a typical STI limited style pistol.
machine slide/frame fit
cut Para barrel ramp in frame
fit barrel with shallow lug
chamber barrel
drill guide rod
fit and tune ejector
fit and tune extractor
competition trigger job
machine for Bo-Mar rear sight
cut dovetail for front sight
lightening cuts and serrations
fit small parts and test fire
partial fit b'tail safety on STI
fit ambi safety and lower- partial
blend rear of slide to frame
  STI total bald slide
  firing pin
  firing pin stop
  Aftec extractor
  Ed Brown small parts kit
  Wolff recoil spring 14#
  barrel bushing
  STI frame kit
  mainspring 17lb. ISMI
  mainspring housing (included)
  EGW sear spring
  EGW sear
  Wilson Ultralite, EGW hammer
  strut titanium
  disconnector, EGW ball
  trigger light carbon fiber
  slide stop
  Wilson ambi slide safety
  Ed Brown beavertail safety
  Bo-Mar sight
  dovetail front sight
  EGW extended ejector
  guide rod and reverse plug
  mag release and catch
  mag release button
  mag well
  atleast 1 assembled mag
NOTE- We do not do hard chrome plating. We blue our pistols only. If you want it plated, you will need to send it to
a plater yourself. You and the plater will have to deal with all the problems that may arise with the plating.
NOTE- Do not use stainless steel frame or slide. They have a tendency to gall. If you insist on using them, don't
complain if you have a problem with them. Expect to send it to a plater to get hardchromed.
NOTE- Shipping of a frame or gun is to be by FedEx Priority Overnight Airmail. It is the only way that I know of to
legally ship. If you want it shipped a different way, let me know how and I will ship it at your own risk. Will not ship
through the Post Office (unless through a dealer) since that is a Federal Crime.
I don't build or work on guns for residents of California.